Frequently asked questions


Why should I go on a Time Trek?

It’s a way to experience the passing of time. It’s a method to grasp the meaning of unfathomably large numbers and huge time scales.

What if I’m not good at science?

Don’t worry. The level of information is designed to be understandable for pretty much anybody.

Who made this?

The Time Trek mobile app is a Finnish product. This may be evident from some details in its functionality and the information provided in some waypoints. The app is a collective brainchild of Time Trek organization based in Turku, Finland. The app was realized by the game developing company LudoCraft from Oulu.

Is this available in other languages?

The demo version has two language options: English and Finnish. You can change them at any time on the fly from the menu.

What about the full version of the app?

The final app will have many more functions compared to the demo. It will also have a much more convenient user interface. If there is a feature you would like to see in the full version, let us know and send us a message.

Timeline and waypoints

Can the distance-to-time scale be changed?

Not in the demo version, which is fixed to a scale of 1 m ~ 10 million years. The proposed feature will be added to the full version.

Can I start my Time Trek sometime after the Big Bang?

Not in the demo version. Both its beginning and end are fixed. The proposed feature will be added to the full version.

Can I revisit the waypoints I already passed?

Not in the demo version. This feature will be added to the full version.

Can I travel backwards in time?

Not in the demo version. This feature will be added to the full version.

Can I browse the waypoints while sitting or standing still?

Basically no. The idea of the app is to walk and link the passing of time to the physical experience of walking.

However, in practice there is a way to change the physical experience to something you can do sitting down. First, choose the “using pedometer” option. Then move the phone in your hand in a swinging motion – just like if you were walking and the phone was in your pocket or hanging on a string from your belt.


My location is jumping here and there

You probably have a weak GPS signal. Go to a place where you have unobstructed view of the sky. Improve location accuracy by allowing the use of wifi and gsm network.

Map doesn’t load

Turn the GPS receiver on and then restart the app.

GPS is not working

Make sure your device has GPS capability (most modern smartphones do) and that GPS is turned on. Allow the app to access that GPS info. Make sure the device has unobstructed line-of-sight to as many satellites as possible. In other words, go outside and away from walls, overlying cliffs, etc, and just wait.

Pedometer not working

Make sure your device has pedometer capability. Most modern smartphones have built-in low-power movement sensors.

Known bugs

Going past several waypoints

The trekker may accidentally go past two or more waypoints. In some cases the info windows from some of the passed waypoints may be entirely skipped.

Images not showing

Occasionally the pop-up windows will appear with no header pictures. They will load if you go to the menu, switch to a different language (Finnish <-> English) and then back again.

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