Downloading the demo app

Note: The Time Trek app is currently in demo stage. Hence it can not be distributed through Google Play or Apple Store. Please use the following links to get the app!

Android version

Requirements: Android 6.0 or newer, and ~100 MB of space.

Image: Francesca Cattaneo

Instructions: Click the download button above and save the apk-file. Then open the downloaded apk-file to install. Then just start the app and follow the usage instructions.

Note: Before the demo app will be set up on your phone, you need to allow instaling from “unknown sources”. If a request to do this (or something similar) pops up, please follow the instructions. How this is exactly done varies from device to device.

Apple version

Requirements: iOs 9.0 or newer.

At this time the Apple version can be provided only to a limited number of individuals. This is due to Apple’s control over installing programs on its devices. Please contact us if you want access.

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