1/4 – Usage

Image: Rajesh Pamnan

Using the Time Trek app is very simple:

  • Turn the app on.
  • Choose your navigation method and/or route.
  • Just walk and keep an eye on the app.

2/4 – Operating

  1. The main area shows the map. Your current position appears as a blue dot, followed by the route you have walked so far. You can zoom (pinch), rotate (left-right), and tilt the view (up-down). Note: The map appears only if the GPS is turned on.
  2. The walking distance shows you two things: How far you have walked (left) and the distance until the next waypoint (right).
  3. The time scale illustrates how far in time you have already travelled (pink dots) and how close the modern era is (grey dots). Your current location is shown as a blue dot. The numbers are given in millions of years before present. The Big Bang is at the very bottom.

Note: Keep an eye on the distance to the next waypoint! There the app will show a pop-up info window on the screen, but no alert is given.

The menu controls which navigation type, language, and target route you use. The menu opens by clicking the blue circle. Clicking it a second time (now on top-right) will close the menu.

You can change the language at any time by selecting Finnish or English (“Suomi” or “Englanti”) from the menu. Doing this will not affect the continuity of your trek.

3/4 – Navigation

  1. Distance with pedometer: The motion of your device allows estimating the travelled distance. If GPS is turned off this method will save battery life. However, the accuracy will not be as good.
  2. Distance with GPS: Determines your travelled distance using satellite positioning signals. Depending on the settings of your device, also wifi and mobile network signals might be used. Accurate method as long as there are no obstacles blocking the signal.
  3. Map points with GPS. Uses pre-programmed routes and your GPS location. This is the most accurate and informative way to take the Time Trek. Note: Click on your preferred route after choosing this method of navigation.

Note: Once you change the navigation type the Trek will restart from the beginning.

4/4 – Waypoints

Once you reach a waypoint, the app will show a pop-up window on the screen.

For demo purposes, the window has only one picture and some text. Clicking the picture will zoom in on it.

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