Walking outside is good for you. So is learning. Why not combine the two?

The Time Trek app tells you a story. The biggest story there is – the history of life, Earth, and the Universe.

Does that seem unfathomable and intimidating? Well, it isn’t.

You get the story in small pieces while you walk. This bit-by-bit style allows things to sink in. You can take your time contemplating what you just learned before advancing to the next waypoint.

The app turns the travelled distance into eons. In the demo version each metre takes you ten million years onwards in time. (The universe is 13.8 billion years old, so the entire Time Trek demo is 1.38 kilometres long.)

During the Time Trek the app will show you details about twenty-five selcted waypoints in time. Each waypoint represents an event (or a nice-to-know tidbit) from that particular time. Together they illustrate how the universe has developed, and how our planet – and life on it – evolved.

That’s the gist of it. So download the app and start exploring time itself!

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