Pre-recorded routes

With the app you can take your Time Trek anywhere. However, if you want your Trek to be as accurate and informative as possible, you should choose one of the five pre-recorded routes. Each one is in a quiet spot near a big Finnish city.

Oulu-Kuivasjärvi: Route around the botanical garden near the university. Starts from Kaitoväylä near Normaalikoulu, ends at the entrance of the old zoo.

Tampere-Tohloppi: Route along the forest paths on the west side of the Tohloppi lake. Starts at the northern end of Tohlopinrantapolku, ends at the Seita statue on Kohmankaari.

Vantaa-Heureka: Route along the quiet riverside path of the Kerava river. Starts at the cross section of Kaislarinne and Kaislatie, ends at the entrance of the Heureka science centre.

Turku-centre: Route around cultural sights near the city centre. Starts at the north end of the Aura bridge, ends at the outlook on top of the Vartiovuori hill. Note: This route requires climbing stairs.

Kaarina-Tuorla: Route in the forests and gravel roads around the Tuorla observatory. Starts at the tunnel on Väisäläntie, ends 100 meters west from there. Note: Some roots and rocks on the forest paths. Note: This route has in-situ signs to support the app.

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